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    Phil T Shirts Inc is an authorized distributor of Fruit of the Loom Shirts that are made in US. Superior quality, fashionable, comfortable, and definitely perfect for imprints.

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    Different kinds of T Shirt Transfer Paper for your T Shirt Printing Business including Self Weeding Paper.

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    Different varieties of printer that perfectly suits for T Shirt Printing Business

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    This type of vinyl has OEKO-TEX® Certified II which has a uniform testing system all around the world and has annual testing of harmful substances that makes Chemica Vinyl safe even for babies.

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    Korean made heat transfer vinyl with a wide range of variation to choose from.

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    Check out our Sapphire Heatpress Pro Series. We offer different varieties of heatpress that is perfect for your T Shirt Printing Business.

    The best tool to turn your creativity into reality. Make the cutting of your designs much easier.

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