• About Phil Tshirts Inc.

    Phil TShirts Inc. is a resident T Shirt supplier in the Philippines that offers only premium quality and comfortable shirts in the market. The company is the authorized distributor of Fruit of the Loom Shirts that are made in US. Superior quality, fashionable, comfortable, and definitely perfect for imprints. Phil T Shirt does not only offer top of the line shirts but also printing solutions. From basic, to advanced, to professional printing solutions, Phil Tshirt Inc has established well trained professionals and team with expertise in T shirt printing. The company has their own research and development facility, online internet marketing support and technical professionals that would cater the every needs of the client when it comes to imprints. It also has a stable supply chain of T shirts that has sufficient stocks, efficient in terms of quality assurance check, fast delivery to any destination in the Philippines through land air and sea freight. Phil T Shirt is not only a company that supplies high quality shirts, but a company that has the advocacy to teach and support in the printing industry.


    To continuously sustain the need of the t shirt printing industry offering only premium quality shirts and advanced printing solutions.


    To lead the imprinted t shirt market by offering premium quality and comfort.

  • How To Start Your Own T-Shirt Printing Business In the Philippines?

    Learn more about the different T Shirt Printing Solutions.


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