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Silk Screen Printing - Advantage and Disadvantage

Customized items are what’s hot on the market nowadays, because uniqueness is what most of us strives for, and this can be seen right now with the growing trend of businesses that dabbles with making and selling personalized items, especially apparels such as T-shirts which is commonly and easily achieved by utilizing the silkscreen method type of printing, which we can say is an easy and cost-efficient way of making customized items.

Whether it is for your business, or just plain out for your personal use, you should see for yourself if this process is for you, by weighing in on its pros and cons.


The pros of silkscreen printing is technically, more positive than the nasty outcomes that can happen by utilizing this method.

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  • It’s cheaper and more productive. You can get the necessary items for inexpensively and after making your mesh screen, you can just wash it and use it multiple times!
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  • It’s perfect for many types of surfaces, like metals, plastic, glass and fabrics. Since fabrics and textiles absorb paint colors better than inks treated with heat, the outcome is more pronounced, textured, and vibrant.
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  • The printed design can withstand the pressure of water more, especially with handwashing printed clothing, and because those printed with heat treated inks are supposed to be handled delicate to avoid fading.


Add paragraph text here.Though arguably there are cons with this method, these are very basic if you consider them thoroughly, just to say the least.

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  • Each color has to be applied separately which is quite a work on designs which features colorful images.
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  • You have to make your screen and mesh from scratch with the design which makes it a bit time consuming, especially if you add the large frames that go with it.
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  • And because industrial type of silk screens are large, not only it is time consuming to build the frames, but it requires a large space in which you can build it so you can lay your designs down better.

There you have it! Silkscreen printing CAN be definitely for you especially if you have the right eye for details and precision, paired with patience and the outcome can be maximized if you are also concerned with the costing that goes with it.

So why don’t you give silkscreen printing a try?