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What Should You Be Looking For in a T-Shirt For Your Business?

With so many t-shirt brands in the market nowadays, it can be quite confusing, not to mention a bit overwhelming to figure out what shirt should you use for your custom shirt printing business, because this is a big factor that will really affect your outcome because it will be the base on which you will have your designs imprinted. Starting from unbranded basic shirts to the more quality pure cotton ones, there are also other factors that you should consider. From the different prices, quality, material, fit and shades of colors, these will basically be your guide on what brand you should pick up.

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Some people might disregard the material used for t-shirts, because most people would have the mindset that all of them feel the same. This is very untrue! The texture and overall feel is really the highlight of the shirts that you are trying to sell. Like who would wear something that feels scratchy and rough to the skin, right? This is basically the first thing you should do. Check the material and the quality.

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The first thing that some people would see right away when they check different shirt brands is those being advertised as 100% cotton. But not so fast! Just because it says that its cotton is that it’s quality is what you would say, on top of the line. You have to know the difference between just plain ol’ cotton and ringspun cotton. A fabric with a hundred percent content of ringspun cotton is something you should want because why? It’s generally softer and it definitely feels more luxe to brush against the skin.

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Also, very obvious is that it’s so basic that you as a businessperson would want nothing but to offer your clients but the best, especially in terms of quality. So sometimes you have to spend a bit more than usual to ensure this. But mind you, is this a bad thing? Well of course not because by getting something with a bit of “extra” shows your dedication to give nothing but the best item you can offer. But it’s not what’s basically expensive in the market generally means that it’s your best bet. There are good quality of shirt brands that ranges for a more affordable range that might cost a tad higher than those generic, unbranded ones. But hey, you can never go wrong with quality right?

With all the qualities of shirts that you should look out for, we go back to our main quandary, what shirt should I use for my business? Well look no further! Here is a shirt that checks every box on the list! Fruit of the Loom Shirts!

Fruit of the Loom is basically a renowned worldwide brand that specifically caters to outer wear. Now that the brand finally hit our shores, it’s definitely more accessible to the local market, definitely a top notch brand that you should use! With 100% ringspun cotton, the texture’s quality is definitely great, boasting sourcing only pure quality raw cotton, and a texture and weight of 180/185 grains per square meter, you can be assured that the fabric is thick and will feel snug against your skin. For more comfort, the shirt is constructed in a tubular style, meaning there’s no side stitching to scratch you, and features ‘w’ double-stitching in the collar and the hems, making it also more durable than other shirts.

What’s also good about Fruit of the Loom shirts are that the colors are really vibrant, because they are matched per batch so you can be sure that colors are consistent, and did I mentioned that they are produced cruelty-free and eco-friendly too? Also the shirts are already preshrunk, so it wouldn’t get any smaller once you wash it or pop it to the washer.

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But wait! The very best part about Fruit of the Loom shirts are that these are designed to be custom made apparels, with a surface perfect for printing, with fine knit gauge for maximum printability. Definitely perfect for what you need for your t shirt printing business!

Still confused on what shirt you should get for your business? Don’t think twice, try Fruit of the Loom shirts today and see the difference and feel the quality! Once you tried it, you’d definitely be not looking for any other brands of shirts.