• Cutter Plotter

    The best tool to turn your creativity into reality. Make the cutting of your designs much easier.

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    i Transfer Cutter Plotter 24"

    24’’ IC Series Cutting Plotter with Automatic Contour Cut Function.

    •  Fully Automatic and easy to achieve contour cut without interference from other light sources.
    •  New Adopted Arm Processor and new driver module.
    •  USB 2.0 interface, equipped with serial port to support long distance data transmission.
    •  1GB extensive memory achieves long offline cutting.
    •  New high-speed STM32 remote control system, faster speed, lesser noise.
    •  Humane design, allows to adjust cutting force and speed while working.
    •  High-precision “steel barbed” axis, higher accuracy.
    •  Automatic memory of blade force and speed, adjustable at any time and is easy to use.
    •  Emergency stop. Stop and return at any time to monitor the cutting quality.
    •  Offline copy function. Bulk copy up to 99. Time and power saving.
    •  Unique red cutting slot making it easier to operate.
  • GCC i-Craft Cutter Plotter, Cutter Plotter, Cutting Plotter, GCC i-Craft
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    The best tool to turn your creativity into reality!
    i-Craft™ is an ideal model for hobby users, schools, offices, families, etc, as its ease of use interface and a variety of ready to use clipart which can create the most possibilities, including scrapbooking, custom decals, personalized tattoo and card making.

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    GCC I-Craft Cutter Plotter

    • Enhanced AAS II Contour Cutting System
    • 350 Grams of Cutting Force
    • USB Flash Drive Port
    • Auto-Adjusted Blade Holder
    • Adhesive Sheet
    • Intuitive AP Software and Driver
    • Power Saving Mode
    • Large LCM Screen
    • Diversified Tools
    • Rhinestone Application