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    Heat Press Process

    What is the purpose of a heat press?

    A heat press is the machine that presses a transfer onto an imprintable substrate. Using high temperatures and heavy pressures for a certain amount of time, the transfer is permanently embedded into the product.

    Heat presses are recommended for professional and satisfying results simply because standard laminating devices and home hand irons can not get even near the temperatures required for a reliable transfer. Standard transfers require anywhere from 375° to 425° F demand serious force in pressing often from 40-80 psi. These temperatures and pressures are simply not possible with other heated devices.

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    Screen Printing Process

    Silkscreen Printing is a stenciling method that involves printing ink through stencils that are supported by a porous fabric mesh stretched across a frame called a screen. Silkscreen Printing is ideally suited for bold and graphic designs.

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    Laser Printer (OKI) Process

    The fast, affordable solution for printing White
    OKI Features:
    1. Direct Print Software
    Corel Draw | Illustrator | Photoshop
    2. Printable File Formats
    - PSD, PDF, INDD, EPS, PNG, CDR and AI

    For garment decoration, design POS, and education
    Print any colour including white on dark at transparent media.
    Innovative technology that gives more flexibility for in house printing proofing and production.

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